Chilly Gonzales- I Am Europe
J+J+J- Old People (Take Back The Nite)
David Lynch- Good Day Today
Bjork- To Lee, With Love, Nick
Sufjan Stevens- Now That I'm Older
Radiohead- Where I End And You Begin
The Hundred In The Hands- Pigeons
Glasser- Home
Gold Panda- I'm With You But I'm Lonely
Wye Oak- Civilian [New stuff!]
Leland Sundries Concocts- Elegy
Abe Vigoda- Throwing Shade
Jonathan Boulet- You're A Animal
Hot Panda- The Ghost
Avey Tare- 3 Umbrellas
Mahjongg- Wardance
Ga'An- Servant Eye **Records on Ribs everything up for free download
Les Savy Fav- Clear Spirits
C'est La Mort- Paper Ships
The Bird And The Bee- Private Eyes
Florence + The Machine- Swimming (Live From Hammerstein Ballroom)
Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Bodies Of Water- I Don't Believe In The Sun [The Magnetic Fields cover]

P.S. Support Seattle's KEXP! Help keep independent music alive. http://kexp.org/


Noisia- Thursday
Fujiya & Miyagi- Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue
Brian Eno- Dust Shuffle
Crystal Castles- Suffocation
SoulEye- Predestined Fate
French Horn Rebellion- Broken Heart
Shigeto- Relentless Drag
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- You'll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
Glasser- Mirrorage
Jane Lui- Southern Winds
Regina Spektor- Apres Moi
Heylady- So Long
Zach Hill- Total Recall
Chris Scharb- I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die
Floored By Four- Watt
Hauschka- Children
Hot Panda- Start Making Sense
Akudama- Barbershop
Tracing Figures- Distance
We Landed On The Moon- Song Of Few Words
Half-handed Cloud- Out On The Ice, We Face Our Hearts
Artichoke- Cold House
Sia- Oh Father
Jason Collett- Bitter Beauty
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger- The World Was Made For Men
We Show Up On RadaR- Oh How I Wish To Be A Small Japanese Car


Some Thoughts on Kant and Cupcakes...

There are cupcakes, purely for consumption and gratification of physical needs, and symphonies, whose beauty stirs our feelings. There is cupcake-like music (e.g. pop songs). There is a spectrum between the two. But this whole spectral range is thrown into confusion when we consider that even the beauty of the symphony may be approached as an item to be consumed, rather than something that awes. Then the significance of the status of some in-between (e.g. oh I don't know, an Of Montreal song) as having in proportions both consumability and beauty is made insignificant as even that which we ought only be in awe of might also be consumed.


Ben Folds/Nick Hornby- From Above
Of Montreal- Coquet Coquette
S. Carey- Action
The Dresden Dolls- Coin-Operated Boy
The Octopus Project- A Phantasy
Savoir Adore- We Talk Like Machines (The Core In-Studio recording)
Les Savy Fav- High And Unhinged
April Smith- Terrible Things
Lost In The Trees- All Alone In An Empty House
The Welcome Wagon- Sold! To The Nice Rich Man ***of Resurrection Church in BK!!
Paul Hammer- Outside These City Walls ***of Savoir Adore
Land Of Talk- Playita
The Red River- When We Are Wild
Arcade Fire- Wasted Hours
Yo La Tengo- Stockholm Syndrome
Artichoke- Honey
Land Of The Look Behind- September
Belle And Sebastian- Write About Love
Ferraby Lionheart- Harry And Bess
Chilly Gonzales- Bittersuite
M83- *
Gold Panda- Snow And Taxis


Have been inexcusably lazy with these...

Radiohead- 2 2=5 (The Lukewarm)
Noisia- Diplodocus
The Octopus Project- Glass Jungle ***New album Hexadecagon
Blonde Redhead- My Plants Are Dead
Yeasayer- Madder Red (Henning Furst Remix) ***Weird auto-tune backup vocals
Chilly Gonzales- Pixel Paxil
Thievery Corporation- Satyam Shivam Sundaram
The Kora Band- Za Ayi Neyi
C'est La Mort- Drown Out ***"Starts out sounding like Pornography-era Cure"
Smoosh- In The Fall
Les Savy Fav - Excess Energies
The Dollyrots- Pour Tour Jours
Land Of The Look Behind- Moonlight Lullaby ***From Jersey City!
Fever Ray- Dry And Dusty
Derek Webb- Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Ben + Vesper - My Father's Eyes***From Orange, NJ
Sufjan Stevens- Bad Communication
Olof Arnalds- Svif Birki
Belle And Sebastian- Read The Blessed Pages
Gold Motel- Make Me Say
Land Of Talk - Goaltime Exposure
Nouvelle Vague- Blue Monday (New Order) ***Yes, not an Orgy original...


Stars at Littlefield.
  1. The Night Starts Here.
  2. Soft Revolution.
  3. The Passenger.
  4. We Don't Want Your Body.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Going, Going, Gone.
  7. Look Up.
  8. What the Snowman Learned About Love.
  9. Take Me to the Riot.
  10. I Died So I Could Haunt You.
  11. Wasted Daylight.
  12. The Comeback.
  13. Ageless Beauty.
  14. Heart.
  15. Dead Hearts.
  16. Calendar Girl.
  1. Winter Bones.
  2. This Charming Man.
  3. How Much More.
  4. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.
  5. Tonight.


Radiohead- There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere)
Cloud Cult- The Strength: Forces Of The Unseen
Of Montreal- Out Riotous Defects (feat. Janelle Monae)
French Horn Rebellion- Beaches And Friends (Hey Champ Remix)
Paper Tiger- The Ritual
Robyn- In My Eyes
Azure Ray- Silver Sorrow
The Swell Season- Two-Headed Boy (cover)
The Books- A Cold Freezin' Night
Arcade Fire- Half Light I
Land Of Talk- Quarry Hymns
Shapes And Sizes- Time Has Practically Stopped
Menomena- Lunchmeat
Ben + Vesper- Hot Thunder
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- Sink/Let It Sway
The Summer Pledge- Recurring Dream
The Happy Hollows- Tambourine


Playlists have been on summer vacation, but now they are back and anticipating the new school year. Summer hours (Monday 12-2AM) for only a few more weeks!

Royksopp- Vision One
Cloud Cult- No One Said It Would Be Easy
Menomena- Tithe
The Books- Free Translator
Red Sparowes- A Message Of Avarice Rained Do
Twin Sister- I Want A House
Broken Social Scene- Water In Hell
The Beauties- Hearts Are Down
Tilly And The Wall- Poor Man's Ice Cream
Band Of Horses- Factory
Bon Iver- Lump Sum
Jj- No Escapin' This
Camera Obscura- Other Towns And Cities
The Living Sisters- The Ferris Wheel
R.E.M.- Orange Crush
Portland Cello Project- Hungry Liars
Seabear- We Fell Off The Roof
Blue Ducks- Farewell To Floss
Eisley- Ambulance
Denison Witmer- Carry The Weight
Danielson- When It Comes To You I'm Lazy
The Black Rabbits- Painter, Poet, Prophet, Priest
Smoosh- In The Fall
Kele- Other Side
School Of Seven Bells- I L U
The Jezabels- Easy To Love


We will be airing the in-studio recording done by The Happy Hollows on our show on July 5th at 12AM. Please tune in to 90.3 if you're in the central Jersey area or listen online at thecore.fm! They were GREAT and we love them!

And they made too much noise for the Livingston Student Center..!

Big Bad Wolf MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3nP3JG4hAg


We were serious when we said that some of the songs off Vampire Weekend's first album were Paul Simon ripoffs, but little did we think that it'd be true for every song on Contra.


Abstract: Rewatched Pulp Fiction this weekend. Tarantino is good with untwisting impossible situations into "happy" endings.

Kid606- Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend (Eats Tapes Remix)
Crystal Castles- Baptism
Ratatat- Drugs
The Happy Hollows- Colors
Blossom- Pink Cloud
Smile.dk- Butterfly (Pikachu And The Pokemon's Mix)
Talk Less, Say More- Still As A River
LCD Soundsystem- You Wanted A Hit
Wavves- So Bored
Broken Social Scene- Romance To The Grave
Caribou- Bowls
The Joy Formidable- The Last Drop
El Perro Del Mar- Let Me In
Broken Bells- Vaporize
Capsula- Found And Lost
Deerhoof- All Rise
The Whitsundays- You Know I Can't Lie
The Press- Big Boss, Little Boss
CocoRosie- Undertaker
Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)
Stars- Wasted Daylight
Danielson- Singers Go First
Holler, Wild Rose!- Mercy Beat
Various Artists Edelweiss- By Laura Gibson
Andrew Bird- Oh No
Honey Is Cool- Homecomings
Hooray For Earth- Surrounded By Your Friends


Kele- Rise
Indian Jewelry- Look Alive
Crystal Castles- Empathy
Shy Child- ESP
Frog Eyes- Paul's Tomb
Casiokids- Finn Bikkjen!
Blue Ducks- Four, Floss, Five, Six
Grizzly Bear- Ready, Able
The Killers- Read My Mind
LCD Soundsystem- One Touch
CocoRosie- Hopscotch
States- Time To Begin
Cloud Cult- A Place
Memphis- A Ghost Story
Broken Social Scene- Meet Me In The Basement
The New Pornographers- Up In The Dark
Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
Kate Nash- Take Me To A Higher Plane
Jes- Closer
School Of Seven Bells- Windstorm
The Happy Hollows- Bird Of Prey
Math And Physics Club- Jimmy Had A Polaroid
Belle & Sebastian- The Magic Of A Kind Word
Annuals- Flesh And Blood
Kaki King- Everything Has An End, Even Sadness
S- Welcome Home
Múm- The Last Shapes Of Never


Abstract: Seduction at the pagan temple. Art and freedom riot. All this youthful adventure. But somehow one ends up stuck in an intellectual desert.

Oneida- Almagest
Zoot Woman- Blue Sea
Claude Vonstroke- Monster Island
All The Empires Of The World- Asleep At The Temple
Napoli Is Not Nepal- Mono Reve
Kate Miller-Heidke- The One Thing I Know
Mount Eerie- Ancient Questions
CocoRosie- Trinity's Crying
Gonjasufi- Change
Andrew Bird- Anonanimal
Florence + The Machine- Cosmic Love
Jonsi- Go Do
White Hinterland- Magnolias
Stars- We Don't Want Your Body
Delorean- Infinite Desert
Fucked Up- Magic Word
Boyz & Girl- He Must Be
Give Up The Ghost- You And Me
Civil Twilight- Anybody Out There
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists- Mourning In America
Yukon Blonde- Blood Cops
Carissa's Wierd- Brooke Daniel's Tiny Broken Fingers
The Happy Hollows- Delorean
The Press- The Continental Divide
Momus- I Was A Maoist Intellectual
Sambassadeur- Stranded
Sia- Academia


M.I.A. does a Žižek impression: "I find the new Justin Bieber video more violent and more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I've made."


The Sounds- Living In America
The Happy Hollows- Lieutenant
Jason Collett- Lake Superior
White Hinterland- Huron
Jenny Lewis- Godspeed
Twin Sister- All Around And Away We Go
The Tallest Man On Earth- Kids On The Run
Tom McRae- Told My Troubles To The River
Roky Erickson With Okkervil River- God Is Everywhere
Land Of Talk- Street Wheels
Kate Miller-Heidke- Supergirl
Regina Spektor- Carbon Monoxide
The New Pornographers- Silver Jenny Dollar
Savoir Adore- Hollywood / Early Bird
Smoosh- We Are Our Own Lies
Elliott Smith- No Name #3
Sandra McCracken- Springtime Indiana
The Like- He's Not A Boy
Jj- Golden Virginia
Le Loup- Go East
Metric- Soft Rock Star
Caribou- Lalibela
Broken Social Scene- Chase Scene
Love Is All- Again, Again
Roadside Graves- Everything
The Russian Futurists- Paul Simon
Cloud Cult- Living On The Outside Of Your Skin


Abstract: Purgatory. Approaching paradise through the Stars.

Memphis- I Dreamed We Fell Apart
Aloha- Everything Goes My Way Home Acres
Family Of The Year- Psyche Or Like Scope
Mountain Goats- 1 Samuel 15:23
The Eastern Stars- The Diamonds In Your Eyes
White Hinterland- Icarus
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Shame And Fortune
People Eating People- Let's Rage
Broken Bells- Your Head Is On Fire
Kleerup- Misery
The Knife- Tumult
Zoot Woman- Memory
Zero 7= Count Me Out
Mon Khmer- Count Me Out
Company Of Thieves- Past The Sleep (Live from Daryl's House)
The Do- Unissasi Laulelet
Hess Is More- Yes Boss
Vector- American Dream
Regina Spektor- Long Brown Hair
Jacqui Hunt- There Is A Force
Twin Sister- Milk And Honey
The Apples In Stereo- Dream About The Future
Schoolyard Heroes- Battlestar Anorexia
Idian Jewelry- Temporary Famine Ship
Cold Cave- Youth And Lust
Memory Tapes- Bicycle
Goldfrapp- Hunt
Stars- Fixed


Abstract: The old is the new new.

Polysics—Digital Coffee
Boy Eats Drum Machine—The Pieces Fit Together and Never Fall Apart
Boy Eats Drum Machine—La La La La LA!
Animal Collective—Doggy
Animal Collective—Lion in a Coma
Aloha—Cold Storage
Aloha—Brace Your Face
Xiu Xiu—This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)
Xiu Xiu—Under Pressure (feat. Michael Gira)
RJD2—Gypsy Caravan
RJD2—The Horror
k-os—Burning Bridges
k-os—Man I Used to Be
Four Tet—Reversing
Four Tet—Hilarious Movie of the '90s (Manitoba Remix)
Primal Static—Walking Shadows
Primal Static—Sunrise
These New Puritans—Canticle
These New Puritans—Doppelganger
Frightened Rabbit—The Loneliness and the Scream
Frightened Rabbit—Old Old Fashioned
Yeasayer—Strange Reunions
Yeasayer—Wait for the Summer
Drink Up Buttercup—Sosey Dosey
Drink Up Buttercup—Heavy Hand
The Apples in Stereo—No One in the World
The Apples in Stereo—Energy
Lay Low—Days Have Been
Lay Low—Beauty
The Ruby Suns—Haunted House
The Ruby Suns—Oh, Mojave
Yukon Blonde—Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore
Yukon Blonde—Free Your Mind
Sambassadeur—Forward Is All
Joanna Newsom—Esme
Joanna Newsom—Only Skin
The Bird and the Bee—Heard It on the Radio
The Bird and the Bee—La La La
She & Him—I'm Gonna Make It Better
She & Him—Change Is Hard
White Hinterland—Thunderbird
White Hinterland—Hung on a Thin Thread
The Weakerthans—Left and Leaving
The Weakerthans—Sun in an Empty Room
The Magnetic Fields—We are Having a Hootenanny
The Magnetic Fields—Please Stop Dancing


Joanna Newsom- Autumn
Cold Cave- The Trees Grew Emotions and Died
Savoir Adore- Gloria and the Scarlet Exit
Audiose My Angel- Inactivity
Holler, Wild Rose!- Poor in Spirit
Mount Eerie- Between Two Mysteries
Akai- Drifted
Savoir Adore- Bodies
The Magnetic Fields- Zombie Boy
The Magnetic Fields- Always Already Gone
Momus- Fade To White
white Hinterland- No Logic
Elliott Smith- Ballad of Big Nothing
Primal Static- In Time
French Horn Rebellion- Up All Night
The Ruby Suns- Adventure Tour
Little Girls- Imaginary Friends
Xiu Xiu- Secret Motel
Yeasayer- Ambling Alp
Polysics- Time Out
Out Hud- How Long
RJD2- A Spaceship For Now
M. Ward- One Hundred Million Years
Samassadeus- Days
Vesper- Lead Kindly, Light


Abstract: Our protagonist, upon swiftly concluding his battle in the desert from last week, discovers a nearby monastery and checks in to finish his study of the quadrivium, then sails off to Nordic pastures and beyond...

Sambassadeur—Sandy Dunes
Polysics—Eye Contact
These New Puritans—Attack Music
Kaki King—Close Your Eyes & You'll Burst Into Flames
Giraffes? Giraffes!—I Am S/h(im)e[r] as You Am S/h(im)e[r] as You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue
Swims—Beauty in Battle
Hella—Friends Don't Let Friends Win
Boy Eats Drum Machine—Constellation
Akai—When the Sun Goes Down
The Bird and the Bee—Meteor
White Hinterland—Moon Jam
Reverie Sound Revue—Rip the Universe
Young Galaxy—Light Years
M83—We Own the Sky
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose—Boreas Borealis
Stars—Going, Going, Gone (Live)
Azure Ray—We Are Mice (Bleed Version)
She & Him—Sing
School of Seven Bells—Half-Asleep (Alternative Version)
Broken Social Scene—Forced to Love
Savoir Adore—Animals in My Throat Make Me Sing
Golden Triangle—I Want to Know
Marnie Stern—Clone Cycle
Metric—Black Sheep
Casiokids—Hun er Min Venstre Hånd (Casiokids Translation)
Lay Low—On My Own
Husky Rescue—Grey Pastures, Still Waters
Joanna Newsom—Go Long


Abstract: What did you go out into the wilderness to hear? A career fair with the high school?

Broken Social Scene—Love and Mathematics
Seven Saturdays—Good Morning, I Love You
Red Sparowes—Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors
Explosions in the Sky—So Long, Lonesome
Flow Trio—Slow Cab
Angelo Spencer—The Desert/The Strongest
Audiose My Angel—Sandmines


Abstract: Water renews Creation. Lilies, trees, thistles, even weeds are again in bloom. Animals of all sorts from two make another, and another. Man, the pinnacle of creation, is reinstated as ruler and steward. There is yet a manner in which all is caduke... And so all wait for the final conflagration of imperfection and a glorious, but unknown, future. The end is a new beginning, forever and ever.

Indian Jewelry—Walking on the Water
The Magnetic Fields—Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
Husky Rescue—Blueberry Tree Part I
Joanna Newsom—Baby Birch
Mumford and Sons—Thistle & Weeds
Atlas Sound—An Orchid
The Ruby Suns—Cranberry
Holler, Wild Rose!—Peace Lily
Ben + Vesper—LuvInIdleness
Sufjan Stevens—Year of the Rooster
Danielson—Two Sitting Ducks
Kahimi Karie—I Am a Kitten
Via Audio—Lizard Song
Florence + the Machine—Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Basia Bulat—Sparrow
Savoir Adore—Early Bird
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions—Blue Bird
Malachai—Snake Charmer
Four Tet—Sun Drums and Soil (Sa-Ra Creative Partner Remix)
BLK JKS—Banna Ba Modimo
Deerhoof—Hot Mint Air Balloon
Company of Thieves—The Fire Song


Abstract: Suppose we are at a show, and after the openers go up, we all have a collective moment: "Wait. Is that Muse?" "No. It's not." Suppose further that we are trying to connect experimental electronica with so-called minimalism. We strip our compositions and lose our faculty of speech, then our rhythm, then our perception of the passage of time itself until, finally, we are empty, the world is empty, our brains are empty. Is this a Beckett play, or an alien abduction? Suppose we at last find ourselves returned. The world words itself as worlding in this post-linguistic re-turn, but with difference: what if we have been replaced by alien-human hybrids? What if the underground and its dialectic from hip to hop is the hegemony (in Laclau's sense) of alien colonialism?

Mon Khmer—Anniversary
Solid Gold—One in a Million
Civil Twilight—Letters from the Sky
Zoot Woman—Lust Forever
Oni Ayhun—OAR003-A
Fever Ray—Triangle Walks
Claude Vonstroke—Vocal Chords
trance[]control—Beginning of the End
Eats Tapes—Hussled_2004
RJD2—Small Plans
Primal Static—Love Drone
Mount Eerie—(Something)
Audiose My Angel—Corrosive Brain Tissue
Ben Frost—…Coda
Thom Yorke—The Hollow Earth
The Books—Smells like Content
Matmos—Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein
jj—No Escapin' This
White Hinterland—Begin Again
Broken Bells—The Mall and Misery
Phantogram—Mouthful of Diamonds
The Counterfeit Junkies—Manifestation
k-os—Uptown Girl
Metric—Collect Call
Love Like Deloreans—Ollie Mess
Savoir Adore— Transylvanian Candy Patrol
Jacqui Hunt—Myriad
The Long Lost—Woebegone
Boy Eats Drum Machine—Mr. Train
Reverie Sound Revue—We Are the Opposite of Thieves
Pretty Good Dance Moves—Demons Dancing
Mike Maimone—on the Rope


"Muse + Coldplay + U2 = ?"

"Something less than Radiohead?"


Abstract: A Japanese/Japanese-American convention is called to prepare a homecoming reception for the dragons, but when the dragons actually show up, nobody notices because they're busy making out at a Savoir Adore concert, so the dragons get mad and set everything on fire, and then they fly away into the clouds, and you can't see them anymore because they're in the clouds, and then the clouds eat you, and you are what eats you, so you become a cloud, but you still can't see them--for, behold, the dragons are within you.

Savoir Adore—Seven Stars Surrounded the Moon
Asobi Seksu—Urusai Tori
Deerhoof—News from a Bird
Thee American Revolution—In Your Dream/Japanese Clone
Half-handed Cloud—Buffet
Yukon Blonde—Kumiko Song
Akai—Not in My Mind
The Bird and the Bee—Love Letter to Japan
The Magnetic Fields—The Dolls' Tea Party
Guillemots—Made-up Lovesong #43
Angelo Spencer—Did You Hear the Sound Of…
Kotono Mitsuishi—Watashi no Tamagoyaki
Danielson Famile—Cutest Lil' Dragon
Broken Social Scene—Puff the Magic Dragon
Do As Infinity—Kitakaze
The Dead Letters—War
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Dragon Queen
Sunset Rubdown—Dragon's Lair
Polysics—Enter Sandman
Golden Triangle—The Melting Wall
Jacqui Hunt—Dark Clouds
Fanshaw—Dark Eyes
Cloud Cult—Everybody Here Is a Cloud
Company of Thieves—Infect the Youth
Sufjan Stevens—Year of the Dragon
I Fight Dragons—I Fight Ganon


Dear listeners, thanks for being awake for our Saturday morning show! The songs were picked for an imagined romantic tragedy. We traced the nightmarish fling between our female protagonist who desired the I-Thou and a certain predatory fellow with a taste for vulnerable women. Often, they talked past each other, giving rise to the dissonance of voices. The climax was the breakup segment, during which we played Variation of Birds, a new one from The Knife. The starkness, harshness, eeriness of electronic simulations of frenetic avian chirping echoes the relationship's inevitable reduction to animality and finally I-It. So! Stay away from scary men/women.

The Dead Letters—Ghost of a Thousand Battles
Metric—Twilight Galaxy
Fontän—The Bridge
Jacqui Hunt—Connect
Eats Tapes—Blow Your Tapes Up
Cold Cave—The Laurels of Erotomania 
Röyksopp—So Easy
The Knife—Heartbeats
CFCF—Raining Patterns
Primal Static—Blue Orpheus
Stars—Better Be Heaven
Neon Indian—6669 (I Don't Know if You Know)
Four Tet—Sing
Phantogram—When I'm Small
Infected Mushroom—Smashing the Opponent
Fever Ray—Dry and Dusty
The Knife—Variation of Birds
Rebotini—Decade of Aggression
jj—My Life
Blonde Redhead—The Dress
Zero 7—Ghost Symbol
El Perro del Mar—Change of Heart (Robyn's Rakamonie Remix)
Kleerup—Until We Bleed
The Field—Everybody's Got to Learn


Abstract: A substitutionary psalmodic meditation on Hauerwas and Willimon in hope of the revelation (behold, they make something new) of the threefold cord of Jersey: "The kingdom of God is a party with a bunch of people with whom we wouldn't be caught dead spending a Saturday night had not we also been invited."

A Camp—Stronger than Jesus
Animal Collective—What Would I Want? Sky
Arcade Fire—Intervention
Asobi Seksu—Familiar Light
Bodies of Water—I Turned My Face
Charlotte Gainsbourg—Vanities
Danielson—Sold! To the Nice Rich Man!
Eddie Vedder, Campbell 2000, Sadie 7—Hymn
Four Tet—Angel Echoes
Half-handed Cloud—Thumb/Toe Collection
Momus—Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
Neon Indian—Mind, Drips
Oh No Ono—The Tea Party
Ortolan—Sticky Situation
Sandra McCracken—Lo the Storms of Life Are Breaking
Sunset Rubdown—Idiot Heart
The Welcome Wagon—I Am Not Skilled to Understand
Vector—American Dream (Trials and Tribulations)
Vesper—One-Handed Love Song
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Little Shadow
Manda And the Marbles—Simple Things


Abstract: The new Broken Social Scene track, a jazz piano, and some visitors from across some ocean who may or may not be considering citizenship walk into a hipster bar somewhere between New and South Brunswick and collect enough quarters to play a tribute to Nirvana on the jukebox.

Radiohead—Banana Co.
Deerhoof—Come See the Duck
Broken Social Scene—World Sick
Charlotte Gainsbourg—La Collectionneuse
Yeasayer—Madder Red
Xiu Xiu—Cumberland Gap
Brad Mehldau—Dusty McNugget
Christopher O'Riley—Coast to Coast
Esbjörn Svensson Trio—When God Created the Coffeebreak
Joe Lewis Walker—Highview
The Dead Letters—Cathedral of Leaves
Casey Dienel—Better in Manhattan
Joanna Newsom—Good Intentions Paving Company
Akai—Like You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Dull Life
People Eating People—I Hate All My Friends
When I Was 12—Oh Telephone Wires
Primal Static—Dream Arabic
Surprise Me Mr. Davis—Sissyfuss
Golem!—Citizen Boris
We Were Promised Jetpacks—Short Bursts
Los Campesinos!—The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future
Screaming Females—Lights Out
The Polyphonic Spree—Lithium
Dani Siciliano—Come as You Are
Hooverphonic—In Bloom
Coco—Drain You
Paul Anka—Smells like Teen Spirit


Dear public, we apologize profusely for that shoddy first performance. I will consider it a personal loss if you stop listening. Please don't leave me!

Radiohead—2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)
Deerhoof—Kidz Are So Small
The Bird and the Bee—Fanfare
The Bird and the Bee—My Love
Inara George—Where to Go
Los Campesinos!—A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show-Me State; Or, Letters from Me to Charlotte
Broken Social Scene—Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Savoir Adore—Space Travel
The Jezabels—Hurt Me
Oh No Ono—Eleanor Speaks
Ladyhawke—Better Than Sunday
The Sounds—Living in America
Regina Spektor—* * *
Regina Spektor—Your Honor
Fever Ray—Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Asobi Seksu—Meh No Mae
Charlotte Gainsbourg—Le Chat du Café des Artistes
Crystal Castles—Black Panther
CFCF—Letters Home
Röyksopp—This Must Be It
Metric—Gimme Sympathy
The Like—What I Say and What I Mean
Elliott Smith—Waltz #2 (XO)
Company of Thieves—Old Letters
Stars—Elevator Love Letter
Cloud Cult—Princess Bride
Eisley—Trolley Wood
The Watson Twins—Snow Canyons
El Perro Del Mar—You Can't Steal a Gift
Marnie Stern—Prime
Mando Diao—Dance with Somebody


Feed the fish! They are so cute!