Abstract: A Japanese/Japanese-American convention is called to prepare a homecoming reception for the dragons, but when the dragons actually show up, nobody notices because they're busy making out at a Savoir Adore concert, so the dragons get mad and set everything on fire, and then they fly away into the clouds, and you can't see them anymore because they're in the clouds, and then the clouds eat you, and you are what eats you, so you become a cloud, but you still can't see them--for, behold, the dragons are within you.

Savoir Adore—Seven Stars Surrounded the Moon
Asobi Seksu—Urusai Tori
Deerhoof—News from a Bird
Thee American Revolution—In Your Dream/Japanese Clone
Half-handed Cloud—Buffet
Yukon Blonde—Kumiko Song
Akai—Not in My Mind
The Bird and the Bee—Love Letter to Japan
The Magnetic Fields—The Dolls' Tea Party
Guillemots—Made-up Lovesong #43
Angelo Spencer—Did You Hear the Sound Of…
Kotono Mitsuishi—Watashi no Tamagoyaki
Danielson Famile—Cutest Lil' Dragon
Broken Social Scene—Puff the Magic Dragon
Do As Infinity—Kitakaze
The Dead Letters—War
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Dragon Queen
Sunset Rubdown—Dragon's Lair
Polysics—Enter Sandman
Golden Triangle—The Melting Wall
Jacqui Hunt—Dark Clouds
Fanshaw—Dark Eyes
Cloud Cult—Everybody Here Is a Cloud
Company of Thieves—Infect the Youth
Sufjan Stevens—Year of the Dragon
I Fight Dragons—I Fight Ganon

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