This Semester's Final Show!

Hands- Brave Motion
Half Waif- Wooden Horse
Deer Tracks- W
Still Corners- Fireflies
Devendra Banhart- Golden Girls
Dark Horses- Radio Offshore
Savages- No Face
Moustad- Skugga
The Wilderness of Manitoba- A Year In Its Passing
The Pastels- Illuminum Song
Junip- Your Life Your Call
Miss Lee- Spaceship

Her Name Was Romance- Good Time (CARLY RAE JEPSEN + OWL CITY COVER!)


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Always
of Montreal - From an Innocent Window
Lights - Where the Fence is Low
Rachel Zeffira - Star
CocoRosie - Far Away (song was previously entitled “RIP Humans”)
Devendra Banhart- Hatchet Wound
Marnie Stern - Still Moving
Twin Tigers- Transition
Dark Horses - Rose Unconscious
Savages - Shut Up
Pyyramids - Do You Think You're Enough
Rilo Kiley - Patiently
Mona and Maria - Let the Light
The Wilderness of Manitoba- Head and Heart
Born Ruffians- Too Soaked To Break
Austra - Home
Young Galaxy - Privileged Poor
The Knife - A Cherry on Top
Hands- Elegant Road
Husky Rescue - Colors


husky rescue- restless feet 
rilo kiley- a town called luckey
pyyramids- don't go
young galaxy- hard to tell 
omd- helen of troy
the knife- wrap your arms around me
depeche mode- secret to the end
merchandise- who are you
dark horses- young woman's blues
mndr- faster horses
the xx- together
herbcraft- the body electric
the william blakes- the shock
bunny's a swine- lasell 
the besnard lakes- people of the sticks
devendra banhart- cristobal risquez
thee oh sees- strawberries 1 + 2
cayucas- deep sea
bella ruse- operation 


young galaxy- out the gate backwards
husky rescue- under friendly fire
the knife- raging lung
yeah yeah yeahs- area 52
fol chen- 200 words
twin tigers- wildest dreams
pyyramids- smoke and mirrors
marnie stern- you don't turn down
cloud cult- it's your decision
florence + the machine- only the love
rachel zeffira- break the spell
grizzly bear- sleeping ute (nicolas jaar remix)
the besnard lakes- and her eyes were painted gold
cayucas- east coast girl
born ruffians- permanent hesitation
lemuria- brilliant dancer
her marseilles- heart beats
rilo kiley- i remember you


the william blakes- the shadow 
cocorosie- after the afterlife
blue hawaii- flammarion 
devendra banhart- your fine petting duck 
merchandise- totale nite 
cold cave- god made the world 
polica- tiff 
herbcraft- no land 
vensaire- mr. futakami 
dan deacon- konono ripoff no 1
thee oh sees- maze fancier 
rarechild- hybrid 
postal service- be still my heart 
the pastels- check my heart
savoir adore- we talk like machines 
cloud cult- it takes a lot 
monster cat- the courier 
low- mother 
rilo kiley- let me back in
cassandra jenkins- up in flames


07:21:44 PM Esben And The Witch Yellow Wood
07:24:49 PM Merchandise Anxiety's Door
07:33:06 PM Tracing Figures Paper Boat
07:38:01 PM Low Holy Ghost
07:43:02 PM Deer Tracks Astral Ship
07:51:29 PM The Besnard Lakes Catalina
07:55:54 PM Woodpigeon Hermit
08:06:49 PM AroarA #6
08:10:22 PM Yeah Yeah Yeahs Buried Alive (ft. Dr. Octagon)
08:16:05 PM K-os Surf's Up (feat Sebastien Grainger)
08:19:48 PM Monster Cat Underwater
08:24:38 PM Javelin L'Ocean
08:29:15 PM Rilo Kiley Well, You Left
08:35:34 PM Pascal Pinon Ekki Vanmeta
08:40:34 PM Olof Arnalds Numbers And Names
08:42:23 PM CocoRosie Tearz For Animals
08:49:22 PM Devendra Banhart Fr Hildegard Von Bingen
08:55:11 PM Rachel Zeffira To Here Knows When
08:56:49 PM Stars Lights Changing Colour (Breakglass Version)
08:59:28 PM Cloud Cult Complicated Creation


herra terra- reason to lose it 
young galaxy- new summer 
blue hawaii- try to be
una- the myth
woodpigeons- edinburgh
active child- evening ceremony
m83 ft. susanne sundfor- oblivion
cloud cult- sleepwalker 
hey marseilles- dead of night 
stars- wishful
olof arnaulds- sudden elevation 
monster cat- these hands
rilo kiley- about the moon 
pascal pinon- when i can't sleep 
marissa nadler- game of thrones theme song
the besnard lakes- the specter 
low- amethyst 
bleeding rainbow- oblivion
rachael zeffira- the deserters
AroarA- #2