Abstract: Our protagonist, upon swiftly concluding his battle in the desert from last week, discovers a nearby monastery and checks in to finish his study of the quadrivium, then sails off to Nordic pastures and beyond...

Sambassadeur—Sandy Dunes
Polysics—Eye Contact
These New Puritans—Attack Music
Kaki King—Close Your Eyes & You'll Burst Into Flames
Giraffes? Giraffes!—I Am S/h(im)e[r] as You Am S/h(im)e[r] as You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue
Swims—Beauty in Battle
Hella—Friends Don't Let Friends Win
Boy Eats Drum Machine—Constellation
Akai—When the Sun Goes Down
The Bird and the Bee—Meteor
White Hinterland—Moon Jam
Reverie Sound Revue—Rip the Universe
Young Galaxy—Light Years
M83—We Own the Sky
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose—Boreas Borealis
Stars—Going, Going, Gone (Live)
Azure Ray—We Are Mice (Bleed Version)
She & Him—Sing
School of Seven Bells—Half-Asleep (Alternative Version)
Broken Social Scene—Forced to Love
Savoir Adore—Animals in My Throat Make Me Sing
Golden Triangle—I Want to Know
Marnie Stern—Clone Cycle
Metric—Black Sheep
Casiokids—Hun er Min Venstre Hånd (Casiokids Translation)
Lay Low—On My Own
Husky Rescue—Grey Pastures, Still Waters
Joanna Newsom—Go Long


Abstract: What did you go out into the wilderness to hear? A career fair with the high school?

Broken Social Scene—Love and Mathematics
Seven Saturdays—Good Morning, I Love You
Red Sparowes—Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors
Explosions in the Sky—So Long, Lonesome
Flow Trio—Slow Cab
Angelo Spencer—The Desert/The Strongest
Audiose My Angel—Sandmines


Abstract: Water renews Creation. Lilies, trees, thistles, even weeds are again in bloom. Animals of all sorts from two make another, and another. Man, the pinnacle of creation, is reinstated as ruler and steward. There is yet a manner in which all is caduke... And so all wait for the final conflagration of imperfection and a glorious, but unknown, future. The end is a new beginning, forever and ever.

Indian Jewelry—Walking on the Water
The Magnetic Fields—Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
Husky Rescue—Blueberry Tree Part I
Joanna Newsom—Baby Birch
Mumford and Sons—Thistle & Weeds
Atlas Sound—An Orchid
The Ruby Suns—Cranberry
Holler, Wild Rose!—Peace Lily
Ben + Vesper—LuvInIdleness
Sufjan Stevens—Year of the Rooster
Danielson—Two Sitting Ducks
Kahimi Karie—I Am a Kitten
Via Audio—Lizard Song
Florence + the Machine—Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Basia Bulat—Sparrow
Savoir Adore—Early Bird
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions—Blue Bird
Malachai—Snake Charmer
Four Tet—Sun Drums and Soil (Sa-Ra Creative Partner Remix)
BLK JKS—Banna Ba Modimo
Deerhoof—Hot Mint Air Balloon
Company of Thieves—The Fire Song


Abstract: Suppose we are at a show, and after the openers go up, we all have a collective moment: "Wait. Is that Muse?" "No. It's not." Suppose further that we are trying to connect experimental electronica with so-called minimalism. We strip our compositions and lose our faculty of speech, then our rhythm, then our perception of the passage of time itself until, finally, we are empty, the world is empty, our brains are empty. Is this a Beckett play, or an alien abduction? Suppose we at last find ourselves returned. The world words itself as worlding in this post-linguistic re-turn, but with difference: what if we have been replaced by alien-human hybrids? What if the underground and its dialectic from hip to hop is the hegemony (in Laclau's sense) of alien colonialism?

Mon Khmer—Anniversary
Solid Gold—One in a Million
Civil Twilight—Letters from the Sky
Zoot Woman—Lust Forever
Oni Ayhun—OAR003-A
Fever Ray—Triangle Walks
Claude Vonstroke—Vocal Chords
trance[]control—Beginning of the End
Eats Tapes—Hussled_2004
RJD2—Small Plans
Primal Static—Love Drone
Mount Eerie—(Something)
Audiose My Angel—Corrosive Brain Tissue
Ben Frost—…Coda
Thom Yorke—The Hollow Earth
The Books—Smells like Content
Matmos—Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein
jj—No Escapin' This
White Hinterland—Begin Again
Broken Bells—The Mall and Misery
Phantogram—Mouthful of Diamonds
The Counterfeit Junkies—Manifestation
k-os—Uptown Girl
Metric—Collect Call
Love Like Deloreans—Ollie Mess
Savoir Adore— Transylvanian Candy Patrol
Jacqui Hunt—Myriad
The Long Lost—Woebegone
Boy Eats Drum Machine—Mr. Train
Reverie Sound Revue—We Are the Opposite of Thieves
Pretty Good Dance Moves—Demons Dancing
Mike Maimone—on the Rope


"Muse + Coldplay + U2 = ?"

"Something less than Radiohead?"


Abstract: A Japanese/Japanese-American convention is called to prepare a homecoming reception for the dragons, but when the dragons actually show up, nobody notices because they're busy making out at a Savoir Adore concert, so the dragons get mad and set everything on fire, and then they fly away into the clouds, and you can't see them anymore because they're in the clouds, and then the clouds eat you, and you are what eats you, so you become a cloud, but you still can't see them--for, behold, the dragons are within you.

Savoir Adore—Seven Stars Surrounded the Moon
Asobi Seksu—Urusai Tori
Deerhoof—News from a Bird
Thee American Revolution—In Your Dream/Japanese Clone
Half-handed Cloud—Buffet
Yukon Blonde—Kumiko Song
Akai—Not in My Mind
The Bird and the Bee—Love Letter to Japan
The Magnetic Fields—The Dolls' Tea Party
Guillemots—Made-up Lovesong #43
Angelo Spencer—Did You Hear the Sound Of…
Kotono Mitsuishi—Watashi no Tamagoyaki
Danielson Famile—Cutest Lil' Dragon
Broken Social Scene—Puff the Magic Dragon
Do As Infinity—Kitakaze
The Dead Letters—War
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Dragon Queen
Sunset Rubdown—Dragon's Lair
Polysics—Enter Sandman
Golden Triangle—The Melting Wall
Jacqui Hunt—Dark Clouds
Fanshaw—Dark Eyes
Cloud Cult—Everybody Here Is a Cloud
Company of Thieves—Infect the Youth
Sufjan Stevens—Year of the Dragon
I Fight Dragons—I Fight Ganon