*cass mccombs- to every man his chimera
ramona falls- spore
*ymusic- a whistle, a tune, a macaroon
CFCF- exercise 3- building

*mr. gnome- wolf girls
*my brightest diamond- she does not brave the war
choir of young believers- nye nummer et

*nurses- fever dreams
*gotye- somebody that i used to know
white rabbits- temporary
ryan power- i don't want to die

julia holter- in the same room
white hinterland- teenage dream
mirel wagner- no death
*lana del rey- video games ***trying to be not so prejudiced toward hyped up artists per se, as co-optation happens everywhere really. better not to hole up and suddenly one day feel as if your little underground prize has been snatched away. better to refuse such barriers altogether.***
*mazzy star- common burn

*boris- party boy
the chap- courage and modesty
*hess is more- going looking for the end of the world
*voltaire twins- animalia

grinderman- evil (silver alert remix) (ft. matt berninger)
*orchestra of spheres- isness


Nanonite- Prometheus
Orchestra Of Spheres- Rotate
Euzen- Coherence
Sleepmakeswaves- The Obstacle Is The Path
Big Sir- The Ladder
Destroyer- Poor In Love
Campfire OK- Magic Tricks
Tom Waits- Satisfied
Royal Baths- Faster, Harder
***i always forget that there is a performative aspect of muscianship, that the person on stage/in a video is but isn't the real person. we know when our friends are acting, but we think strangers just are as they present themselves, which perhaps leads to so much of the mystique surrounding musicians. their real lives are only fantastic extensions of that which was pretended on stage. obviously this is not always true, but regardless, one should be careful not to idealize artists. anyway, i thought of this because we have met these guys at a school thing and you really never know what people are capable of! and it's interesting to see what i just wrote about from the reverse position.***

Dan Melchior- Stairway To Croydon
Boris- Spoon
Guided By Voices- I Am A Tree
Plug- Back On Time
Of Montreal- Malefic Dowery
Magnet- Nemesis
Kate Bush- Snowflake
Maggie Björklund- Vildspor
The Jezabels- Catch Me
Rosie Thomas- Two Worlds Collide
Angelo Michajlov- A Good Honest Looney House
Fever Ray- When I Grow Up
The Do- Quake, Mountain, Quake
Raleigh Moncrief- Cast Out For Days