Winter hiatus! Obviously this blog has been long neglected. Mostly it's been from a lack of awareness of the outside world on my part! Anyway, hopefully we will get some reviews/random musings up next semester. Or next week. AHHH. PRESSURE.


St. Vincent- Cruel
Her Space Holiday- Ghost In The Garden
Radiohead- Staircase
Hemmingbirds- Light And Darkness
The Do- The Wicked And The Blind
Eleanor Friedberger- I Won't Fall Apart On You Tonight
Regina Spektor- Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
Elliott Smith- No Name 3
Doctors And Dealers- Backstabber
Oneida- Pre-Human
The Jezabels- Dark Storm
Fall On Your Sword- The First Time I Saw Jupiter
Momus- Gibbous Moon
Maria Taylor- Happenstance
Company Of Thieves- Gorgeous/Grotesque
Cymbals Eat Guitars- Definite Darkness
Ochre- Advanced Tree Surgery
Debbie Neigher- Home
Stars- Life 2: The Unhappy Ending (Film Score)
The Calm Blue Sea- Literal
Arcade Fire- Neighborhood 3 (Power Out)
Emmy The Great- Trellick Tower
Pictureplane- Real Is A Feeling


Finally posting a playlist...

Com Truise- Ether Drift
Innerpartysystem- And Together
Active Child- You Are All I See
The Hundred In The Hands- The Beach
Florence + The Machine- What The Water Gave Me
Emilie Simon- The Way I See You
Oh Land- Human
The Jezabels- Mace Spray
Eleanor Friedberger- Roosevelt Island
Sia- The Co-Dependent
Son Lux- Chase
Bodies Of Water- Like A Stranger
Architecture In Helsinki- YR Go To
The Do- Gonna Be Sick!
Elliott Smith- Drive All Over Town
Thurston Moore- Benediction
Tiger Darrow- Takes Time
Maria Taylor- This Could Last A Lifetime
Cumulus- Hey Love
Strange Holiday- Hands
Fruit Bats- Wild Honey
Feldberg- House Of Fun
Her Space Holiday- Death Of A Writer


Abbe May- Disney On Acid
Alegebro- Tangent
Art Brut- Lost Weekend
Unknown Mortal Orchestra- FFunny Frendss
Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa- Kerasukan
Coconot- El Final Del Sonido Tropical
Schwefelgelb- Wie Ich Heiss
Gardens And Villa- Orange Blossoms
Mildlife- Milk And Wool
Austra- Shoot The Water
The Belle Brigade- Where Not To Look For Freedom
Kahimi Karie- Good Morning World
Miwa Gemini- The Other Half Of Me
Hercules And Love Affair- Painted Eyes
Boris- Attention Please
Foster The People- Helena Beat
Herzog- Slowest Romance
Clock Opera- Belongings (Radio Edit)
Ian Axel- Girl I Got A Thing
The Elected- Who Are You
Morning After Youth- Lived
The Happy Hollows- Tambourine
I'm From Barcelona- Always Spring
Braids- Plath Heart
Savoir Adore- Loveliest Creature


Wise Blood- B.I.G. E.G.O.
Bella Ruse- An Animal A Natural
Big Fox- Saturday
Computer Magic- Electronic Fences
The Do- Dust It Off
De Montevert- Skyll Pa Mig
The Cars- Sad Song
Savoir Adore- Honestly
The Elected- Babyface
Akudama- Rose Colored Glasses
Figurines- Glee
Cold Cave- Villains Of The Moon
Ancient Ocean- Triangle Of Sprirt
The Oddword Ft. Gtronic- Chop Chop
French Horn Rebellion- Brasilia Girl
Jessica 6- Prisoner Of Love
Midnight Magic- Drop Me A Line
Gold Panda- Quitter's Raga
Blue Ducks- High Season In Helliconia
Memory Tapes- Today Is Our Life
Eksi Ekso- Carte De Visite
The Go! Team- I Never Needed It Now So Much
Jets Overhead- Bystander
The Bird And The Bee- She's Gone
Chop Chop- Victory
Company Of Thieves- Death Of Communication


Grim Dunkels- Lethargic
Colourmusic- Dolphins And Unicorns
Ochre- Circadies
Of Montreal- Black Lion Massacre
Bird People- Hollow Sun
Emilie Simon- Dreamland
The Most Serene Republic- The Church Of Acorns
Wagon Christ- Sentimental Hardcore
Architecture In Helsinki- Everything's Blue
Com Truise- Pyragony
Theophilus London- Flying Overseas
Smoosh- Time
An Horse- Trains And Tracks
Company Of Thieves- Gorgeous/Grotesque
Metric - Gimme Sympathy
The Antlers- Parentheses
C'est La Mort- Nothing Ever Lasts
Okkervil River- Wake And Be Fine
Joshua Stamper- Smoke Signals
The Wilderness Of Manitoba- Hermit
Avett Brothers- Paranoia In Bb Major
Cloud Cult- Running With The Wolves
The Elected- Who Are You
Les Etoiles- Little Measurements
Bella Ruse- Like Spinning Plates
Midday Veil- Divide By Zero
Blue Bird- Don't Leave Me
Marissa Nadler- Wedding
Fever Ray- Keep The Streets Empty For Me


Find us on 6/7 at Maxwell's in Hoboken for CLOUD CULT!


French Horn Rebellion- Geomancer's Compass And Other Quasi-Scientific Findings
Barrett Elmore- The Nixie
Nonagon- Mr. Sniggles' House
Ringo Deathstarr- Day Dreamy
Hercules And Love Affair- Blind
D-pulse- Spirit Soul Disco Session 003
Foster The People- Helena Beat
Rye Rye- Never Will Be Mine
The Hundred In The Hands- Young Aren't Young
Ellie Goulding- Under The Sheets
Oh Land- Perfection
New Order- Procession
Eksi Ekso- 14 For 3
Strand Of Oaks- Daniel's Blues
Land Of Talk- Color Me Badd
Pure X- You’re In It Now
Okkervil River- Hanging From A Hilt
Bomba Estéreo- Feelin'
RJD2- Gypsy Caravan
Blaqstarr- Oh My Darlin'
Midnight Magic- Beam Me Up
Of Montreal- Slave Translator
The Happy Hollows- Labyrinth
Satanicpornocultshop- It's Not Unusual
Noah And The Whale- Tonight's The Kind Of Night
Wye Oak- Fish
Joan As Police Woman- The Magic
Yeasayer- Phoenix Wind
Noah And The Whale- Give It All Back
The Pauses- Little Kids
The Low Anthem- I'll Take Out Your Ashes
Timber Timbre- Too Old To Die Young
Barrett Elmore- Dusk (Dance Of The Pixies)
She And Him- Brand New Shoes
Ellie Goulding- Animal
Midday Veil- Anthem
Les Etoiles- Restless Night, Restful Morning
Chop Chop- The Shapeshifter Deception
The Hundred In The Hands- Undressed In Dresden (Jacques Renault Remix)
Ryann Donnelly- Tait Toi Sois Belle
Oh Land- Rainbow
SertOne- Past, Present, Future
Chikita Violenta- Laydown
Figurines- Hanging From Above
Tracing Figures- Whiter Than A Ghost (Remix By Nonagon)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Dull Life
Stuporhero- Ross Street Volume I
Movits!- Kulturarbetblues
I'm From Barcelona- Always Spring
Oneida- End Of Time
Lumerians- Melting Space
Ted Leo And The Pharmacists- Last Days
Memphis- Five Loops
Chikita Violenta- Siren
Joan As Police Woman- Human Condition
Land Of Talk- Quarry Hymns
Noah And The Whale- Old Joy
Explosions In The Sky- Be Comfortable, Creature
Sandra McCracken- Gypsy Flat Road
Asobi Seksu- Counterglow
The Pauses- Hands Up
Stuporhero- Electric Kool Aid Lawn Chair Test
The Low Anthem- Love And Altar
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- Belong
Lissie- Bad Romance cover
The Sounds- Better Off Dead
Ellie Goulding- Guns And Horses
Savoir Adore- The Cave Of Good Secrets
Cold Cave- Catacombs
Company Of Thieves- Modern Waste
Oh Land- White Nights
Metric- Twilight Galaxy
Blonde Redhead- Will There Be Stars
Azure Ray- Make Your Heart
Chikita Violenta- The Monster (Was Last Seen Approaching The Power Plant)
Tristen- Eager For Your Love
French Horn Rebellion- Running Through The Wild
Danielson- Denominator Bluise
Lia Ices- After Is Always Before
Juliette Commagere- Glass
The Bird And The Bee- I Can't Go For That
Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers
Lumerians- Burning Mirrors
Cold Cave- Villains Of The Moon
Esben And The Witch- Warpath
Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks
Modest Mouse- Dashboard
The Cave Singers- All Land Crabs And Divinity Gh
The Sea And Cake- Up On The North Shore
Azure Ray- Silver Sorrow
High Places- The Modern Things
Undersea Poem- Walking (with Juju)
Ryann Donnelly- Laser Eyes
The Sounds- The Best Of Me
Fever Ray- Concrete Walls
Blonde Redhead- Oslo
The Happy Hollows- Faces


Elapse-O- Island
The Luyas- Tiny Head
M83 vs Big Black Delta- Fall (Daft Punk remix, Tron OST)
The Hundred in the Hands- Gold Blood
The Octopus Project- Korakrit
Matmos- Tract For Valerie Solanas
Yelle- Que Veux-Tu
White Sea- Ladykiller
Woodfish- Losing My Mind
The Sounds- Something To Die For
Javelin- Cowpoke
Oberhofer- Don'tneedya
Metric- Collect Call
Final Fantasy and Ed Droste- Possibly Maybe (Bjork cover, Tribute to Post)
Lykke Li- Love Out Of Lust
Thom Yorke, Burial, Four Tet- Mirror
Radiohead- Little By Little
Yo La Tengo- Autumn Sweater
Land Of Talk- Blangee Blee
Asobi Seksu- Deep Weird Sleep
Okkervil River- Wake And Be Fine
Wye Oak- Fish
Savoir Adore- Sparrow
Deerhoof- No One Asked To Dance
Charles Spearin- Mrs. Morris


Abstract: on growing older and wiser.

Robyn- None Of Dem
The Hundred In The Hands- Commotion
Radiohead- Give Up The Ghost
Young Galaxy- Blown Minded
Boris- Hope
Chilly Gonzales- Final Fantasy
Fujiya And Miyagi- Spilt Milk
Kahimi Karie- Vogue Bambini
Gold Motel- Slow Emergency
Yuna- Decorate
The Happy Hollows- Tambourine
Oberhofer- Away Frm U
Danielson- Grow Up
Nouvelle Vague- Road To Nowhere (Talking Heads Cover)
Bat For Lashes- Strangelove
Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers
Allison Weiss- Fingers Crossed
Lia Ices- Ice Wine
Stars- Wasted Daylight
Land Of Talk- Better And Closer
Metric- Front Row
The Low Anthem- Matter Of Time
The Concretes- Sing For Me
Esben And The Witch- Eumenides
The Russian Futurists- To Be Honest


On Arcade Fire's Grammy win

Americans seem to enjoy their ignorance a little too much. http://whoisarcadefire.tumblr.com/

But why is there this immense knowledge gap? Was the disparity between good music and popular music always this huge? Celebrity musicians, of all people, should at least try keep themselves culturally informed...
French Horn Rebellion- This Moment
Cut Copy- Strange Nostalgia For The Future
Young Galaxy- Cover Your Tracks
Mother Of The Forest- Vid Berget
When Saints Go Machine- Pick Up Your Tears And Run
Javelin- Oh! Centra
Deerhoof- Super Duper Rescue Heads!
White Sea- Cannibal Love
Lykke Li- Sadness Is A Blessing
The Russian Futurists- One Night, One Kiss
Fever Ray- Keep The Streets Empty For Me
Juliette Commagere- Hovering In The Wings
Azure Ray- Dancing Ghosts
S- This Way Always
Cruel Summer- Don't Touch
The Concretes- What We've Become
The Dears- Lamentation
Radiohead- Morning Mr Magpie
Big Troubles- Freudian Slips
Akudama- Marzipan Man
K. C. Accidental- Something For Chicago
Chad McCullough And Michal Vanoucek- Soliloquy For D.G.
Swimmingdoll- Last Take
Yo La Tengo- You Can Have It All


The new spring semester showtime is 8-10AM on Tuesday mornings!

Azure Ray- Silver Sorrow
Blonde Redhead- Will There Be Stars
Savoir Adore- Loveliest Creature (Lightwaves Remix)
French Horn Rebellion- Last Summer
The Russian Futurists- One Night, One Kiss
Young Galaxy- We Have Everything
Midnight Juggernauts- Lifeblood Flow
Destroyer- Chinatown
Gold Motel- Cold Shoulders
Arcade Fire- Crown Of Love
Elliott Smith- Ballad Of Big Nothing
Animal Collective- Peacebone
Chetreo- The Boy Without A Fairy
The Concretes- Crack In The Paint
Christine Owman- Spelling Words
Zeit- Numb
Land Of Talk- Hamburg, Noon
Mini Mansions- Kiddie Hypnogogia
C'est La Mort- Among The Ruins
Tracing Figures- Finally Gone
The Decemberists- Calamity Song
The Low Anthem- Apothecary Love
Metric- Gimme Sympathy
Fujiya And Miyagi- OK