Chilly Gonzales- I Am Europe
J+J+J- Old People (Take Back The Nite)
David Lynch- Good Day Today
Bjork- To Lee, With Love, Nick
Sufjan Stevens- Now That I'm Older
Radiohead- Where I End And You Begin
The Hundred In The Hands- Pigeons
Glasser- Home
Gold Panda- I'm With You But I'm Lonely
Wye Oak- Civilian [New stuff!]
Leland Sundries Concocts- Elegy
Abe Vigoda- Throwing Shade
Jonathan Boulet- You're A Animal
Hot Panda- The Ghost
Avey Tare- 3 Umbrellas
Mahjongg- Wardance
Ga'An- Servant Eye **Records on Ribs everything up for free download
Les Savy Fav- Clear Spirits
C'est La Mort- Paper Ships
The Bird And The Bee- Private Eyes
Florence + The Machine- Swimming (Live From Hammerstein Ballroom)
Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Bodies Of Water- I Don't Believe In The Sun [The Magnetic Fields cover]

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Noisia- Thursday
Fujiya & Miyagi- Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue
Brian Eno- Dust Shuffle
Crystal Castles- Suffocation
SoulEye- Predestined Fate
French Horn Rebellion- Broken Heart
Shigeto- Relentless Drag
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- You'll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
Glasser- Mirrorage
Jane Lui- Southern Winds
Regina Spektor- Apres Moi
Heylady- So Long
Zach Hill- Total Recall
Chris Scharb- I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die
Floored By Four- Watt
Hauschka- Children
Hot Panda- Start Making Sense
Akudama- Barbershop
Tracing Figures- Distance
We Landed On The Moon- Song Of Few Words
Half-handed Cloud- Out On The Ice, We Face Our Hearts
Artichoke- Cold House
Sia- Oh Father
Jason Collett- Bitter Beauty
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger- The World Was Made For Men
We Show Up On RadaR- Oh How I Wish To Be A Small Japanese Car


Some Thoughts on Kant and Cupcakes...

There are cupcakes, purely for consumption and gratification of physical needs, and symphonies, whose beauty stirs our feelings. There is cupcake-like music (e.g. pop songs). There is a spectrum between the two. But this whole spectral range is thrown into confusion when we consider that even the beauty of the symphony may be approached as an item to be consumed, rather than something that awes. Then the significance of the status of some in-between (e.g. oh I don't know, an Of Montreal song) as having in proportions both consumability and beauty is made insignificant as even that which we ought only be in awe of might also be consumed.