Noisia- Thursday
Fujiya & Miyagi- Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue
Brian Eno- Dust Shuffle
Crystal Castles- Suffocation
SoulEye- Predestined Fate
French Horn Rebellion- Broken Heart
Shigeto- Relentless Drag
The Phenomenal Handclap Band- You'll Disappear (Horse Meat Disco Remix)
Glasser- Mirrorage
Jane Lui- Southern Winds
Regina Spektor- Apres Moi
Heylady- So Long
Zach Hill- Total Recall
Chris Scharb- I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die
Floored By Four- Watt
Hauschka- Children
Hot Panda- Start Making Sense
Akudama- Barbershop
Tracing Figures- Distance
We Landed On The Moon- Song Of Few Words
Half-handed Cloud- Out On The Ice, We Face Our Hearts
Artichoke- Cold House
Sia- Oh Father
Jason Collett- Bitter Beauty
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger- The World Was Made For Men
We Show Up On RadaR- Oh How I Wish To Be A Small Japanese Car

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