We will be airing the in-studio recording done by The Happy Hollows on our show on July 5th at 12AM. Please tune in to 90.3 if you're in the central Jersey area or listen online at thecore.fm! They were GREAT and we love them!

And they made too much noise for the Livingston Student Center..!

Big Bad Wolf MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3nP3JG4hAg


We were serious when we said that some of the songs off Vampire Weekend's first album were Paul Simon ripoffs, but little did we think that it'd be true for every song on Contra.


Abstract: Rewatched Pulp Fiction this weekend. Tarantino is good with untwisting impossible situations into "happy" endings.

Kid606- Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend (Eats Tapes Remix)
Crystal Castles- Baptism
Ratatat- Drugs
The Happy Hollows- Colors
Blossom- Pink Cloud
Smile.dk- Butterfly (Pikachu And The Pokemon's Mix)
Talk Less, Say More- Still As A River
LCD Soundsystem- You Wanted A Hit
Wavves- So Bored
Broken Social Scene- Romance To The Grave
Caribou- Bowls
The Joy Formidable- The Last Drop
El Perro Del Mar- Let Me In
Broken Bells- Vaporize
Capsula- Found And Lost
Deerhoof- All Rise
The Whitsundays- You Know I Can't Lie
The Press- Big Boss, Little Boss
CocoRosie- Undertaker
Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)
Stars- Wasted Daylight
Danielson- Singers Go First
Holler, Wild Rose!- Mercy Beat
Various Artists Edelweiss- By Laura Gibson
Andrew Bird- Oh No
Honey Is Cool- Homecomings
Hooray For Earth- Surrounded By Your Friends


Kele- Rise
Indian Jewelry- Look Alive
Crystal Castles- Empathy
Shy Child- ESP
Frog Eyes- Paul's Tomb
Casiokids- Finn Bikkjen!
Blue Ducks- Four, Floss, Five, Six
Grizzly Bear- Ready, Able
The Killers- Read My Mind
LCD Soundsystem- One Touch
CocoRosie- Hopscotch
States- Time To Begin
Cloud Cult- A Place
Memphis- A Ghost Story
Broken Social Scene- Meet Me In The Basement
The New Pornographers- Up In The Dark
Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
Kate Nash- Take Me To A Higher Plane
Jes- Closer
School Of Seven Bells- Windstorm
The Happy Hollows- Bird Of Prey
Math And Physics Club- Jimmy Had A Polaroid
Belle & Sebastian- The Magic Of A Kind Word
Annuals- Flesh And Blood
Kaki King- Everything Has An End, Even Sadness
S- Welcome Home
Múm- The Last Shapes Of Never