Abstract: Rewatched Pulp Fiction this weekend. Tarantino is good with untwisting impossible situations into "happy" endings.

Kid606- Hello Serotonin, My Old Friend (Eats Tapes Remix)
Crystal Castles- Baptism
Ratatat- Drugs
The Happy Hollows- Colors
Blossom- Pink Cloud
Smile.dk- Butterfly (Pikachu And The Pokemon's Mix)
Talk Less, Say More- Still As A River
LCD Soundsystem- You Wanted A Hit
Wavves- So Bored
Broken Social Scene- Romance To The Grave
Caribou- Bowls
The Joy Formidable- The Last Drop
El Perro Del Mar- Let Me In
Broken Bells- Vaporize
Capsula- Found And Lost
Deerhoof- All Rise
The Whitsundays- You Know I Can't Lie
The Press- Big Boss, Little Boss
CocoRosie- Undertaker
Metric- Eclipse (All Yours)
Stars- Wasted Daylight
Danielson- Singers Go First
Holler, Wild Rose!- Mercy Beat
Various Artists Edelweiss- By Laura Gibson
Andrew Bird- Oh No
Honey Is Cool- Homecomings
Hooray For Earth- Surrounded By Your Friends

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