Dear listeners, thanks for being awake for our Saturday morning show! The songs were picked for an imagined romantic tragedy. We traced the nightmarish fling between our female protagonist who desired the I-Thou and a certain predatory fellow with a taste for vulnerable women. Often, they talked past each other, giving rise to the dissonance of voices. The climax was the breakup segment, during which we played Variation of Birds, a new one from The Knife. The starkness, harshness, eeriness of electronic simulations of frenetic avian chirping echoes the relationship's inevitable reduction to animality and finally I-It. So! Stay away from scary men/women.

The Dead Letters—Ghost of a Thousand Battles
Metric—Twilight Galaxy
Fontän—The Bridge
Jacqui Hunt—Connect
Eats Tapes—Blow Your Tapes Up
Cold Cave—The Laurels of Erotomania 
Röyksopp—So Easy
The Knife—Heartbeats
CFCF—Raining Patterns
Primal Static—Blue Orpheus
Stars—Better Be Heaven
Neon Indian—6669 (I Don't Know if You Know)
Four Tet—Sing
Phantogram—When I'm Small
Infected Mushroom—Smashing the Opponent
Fever Ray—Dry and Dusty
The Knife—Variation of Birds
Rebotini—Decade of Aggression
jj—My Life
Blonde Redhead—The Dress
Zero 7—Ghost Symbol
El Perro del Mar—Change of Heart (Robyn's Rakamonie Remix)
Kleerup—Until We Bleed
The Field—Everybody's Got to Learn


Abstract: A substitutionary psalmodic meditation on Hauerwas and Willimon in hope of the revelation (behold, they make something new) of the threefold cord of Jersey: "The kingdom of God is a party with a bunch of people with whom we wouldn't be caught dead spending a Saturday night had not we also been invited."

A Camp—Stronger than Jesus
Animal Collective—What Would I Want? Sky
Arcade Fire—Intervention
Asobi Seksu—Familiar Light
Bodies of Water—I Turned My Face
Charlotte Gainsbourg—Vanities
Danielson—Sold! To the Nice Rich Man!
Eddie Vedder, Campbell 2000, Sadie 7—Hymn
Four Tet—Angel Echoes
Half-handed Cloud—Thumb/Toe Collection
Momus—Devil Mask, Buddha Mind
Neon Indian—Mind, Drips
Oh No Ono—The Tea Party
Ortolan—Sticky Situation
Sandra McCracken—Lo the Storms of Life Are Breaking
Sunset Rubdown—Idiot Heart
The Welcome Wagon—I Am Not Skilled to Understand
Vector—American Dream (Trials and Tribulations)
Vesper—One-Handed Love Song
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Little Shadow
Manda And the Marbles—Simple Things


Abstract: The new Broken Social Scene track, a jazz piano, and some visitors from across some ocean who may or may not be considering citizenship walk into a hipster bar somewhere between New and South Brunswick and collect enough quarters to play a tribute to Nirvana on the jukebox.

Radiohead—Banana Co.
Deerhoof—Come See the Duck
Broken Social Scene—World Sick
Charlotte Gainsbourg—La Collectionneuse
Yeasayer—Madder Red
Xiu Xiu—Cumberland Gap
Brad Mehldau—Dusty McNugget
Christopher O'Riley—Coast to Coast
Esbjörn Svensson Trio—When God Created the Coffeebreak
Joe Lewis Walker—Highview
The Dead Letters—Cathedral of Leaves
Casey Dienel—Better in Manhattan
Joanna Newsom—Good Intentions Paving Company
Akai—Like You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs—Dull Life
People Eating People—I Hate All My Friends
When I Was 12—Oh Telephone Wires
Primal Static—Dream Arabic
Surprise Me Mr. Davis—Sissyfuss
Golem!—Citizen Boris
We Were Promised Jetpacks—Short Bursts
Los Campesinos!—The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future
Screaming Females—Lights Out
The Polyphonic Spree—Lithium
Dani Siciliano—Come as You Are
Hooverphonic—In Bloom
Coco—Drain You
Paul Anka—Smells like Teen Spirit


Dear public, we apologize profusely for that shoddy first performance. I will consider it a personal loss if you stop listening. Please don't leave me!

Radiohead—2+2=5 (The Lukewarm)
Deerhoof—Kidz Are So Small
The Bird and the Bee—Fanfare
The Bird and the Bee—My Love
Inara George—Where to Go
Los Campesinos!—A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show-Me State; Or, Letters from Me to Charlotte
Broken Social Scene—Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Savoir Adore—Space Travel
The Jezabels—Hurt Me
Oh No Ono—Eleanor Speaks
Ladyhawke—Better Than Sunday
The Sounds—Living in America
Regina Spektor—* * *
Regina Spektor—Your Honor
Fever Ray—Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Asobi Seksu—Meh No Mae
Charlotte Gainsbourg—Le Chat du Café des Artistes
Crystal Castles—Black Panther
CFCF—Letters Home
Röyksopp—This Must Be It
Metric—Gimme Sympathy
The Like—What I Say and What I Mean
Elliott Smith—Waltz #2 (XO)
Company of Thieves—Old Letters
Stars—Elevator Love Letter
Cloud Cult—Princess Bride
Eisley—Trolley Wood
The Watson Twins—Snow Canyons
El Perro Del Mar—You Can't Steal a Gift
Marnie Stern—Prime
Mando Diao—Dance with Somebody


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