Dear listeners, thanks for being awake for our Saturday morning show! The songs were picked for an imagined romantic tragedy. We traced the nightmarish fling between our female protagonist who desired the I-Thou and a certain predatory fellow with a taste for vulnerable women. Often, they talked past each other, giving rise to the dissonance of voices. The climax was the breakup segment, during which we played Variation of Birds, a new one from The Knife. The starkness, harshness, eeriness of electronic simulations of frenetic avian chirping echoes the relationship's inevitable reduction to animality and finally I-It. So! Stay away from scary men/women.

The Dead Letters—Ghost of a Thousand Battles
Metric—Twilight Galaxy
Fontän—The Bridge
Jacqui Hunt—Connect
Eats Tapes—Blow Your Tapes Up
Cold Cave—The Laurels of Erotomania 
Röyksopp—So Easy
The Knife—Heartbeats
CFCF—Raining Patterns
Primal Static—Blue Orpheus
Stars—Better Be Heaven
Neon Indian—6669 (I Don't Know if You Know)
Four Tet—Sing
Phantogram—When I'm Small
Infected Mushroom—Smashing the Opponent
Fever Ray—Dry and Dusty
The Knife—Variation of Birds
Rebotini—Decade of Aggression
jj—My Life
Blonde Redhead—The Dress
Zero 7—Ghost Symbol
El Perro del Mar—Change of Heart (Robyn's Rakamonie Remix)
Kleerup—Until We Bleed
The Field—Everybody's Got to Learn

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