Abbe May- Disney On Acid
Alegebro- Tangent
Art Brut- Lost Weekend
Unknown Mortal Orchestra- FFunny Frendss
Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa- Kerasukan
Coconot- El Final Del Sonido Tropical
Schwefelgelb- Wie Ich Heiss
Gardens And Villa- Orange Blossoms
Mildlife- Milk And Wool
Austra- Shoot The Water
The Belle Brigade- Where Not To Look For Freedom
Kahimi Karie- Good Morning World
Miwa Gemini- The Other Half Of Me
Hercules And Love Affair- Painted Eyes
Boris- Attention Please
Foster The People- Helena Beat
Herzog- Slowest Romance
Clock Opera- Belongings (Radio Edit)
Ian Axel- Girl I Got A Thing
The Elected- Who Are You
Morning After Youth- Lived
The Happy Hollows- Tambourine
I'm From Barcelona- Always Spring
Braids- Plath Heart
Savoir Adore- Loveliest Creature

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