The new spring semester showtime is 8-10AM on Tuesday mornings!

Azure Ray- Silver Sorrow
Blonde Redhead- Will There Be Stars
Savoir Adore- Loveliest Creature (Lightwaves Remix)
French Horn Rebellion- Last Summer
The Russian Futurists- One Night, One Kiss
Young Galaxy- We Have Everything
Midnight Juggernauts- Lifeblood Flow
Destroyer- Chinatown
Gold Motel- Cold Shoulders
Arcade Fire- Crown Of Love
Elliott Smith- Ballad Of Big Nothing
Animal Collective- Peacebone
Chetreo- The Boy Without A Fairy
The Concretes- Crack In The Paint
Christine Owman- Spelling Words
Zeit- Numb
Land Of Talk- Hamburg, Noon
Mini Mansions- Kiddie Hypnogogia
C'est La Mort- Among The Ruins
Tracing Figures- Finally Gone
The Decemberists- Calamity Song
The Low Anthem- Apothecary Love
Metric- Gimme Sympathy
Fujiya And Miyagi- OK


Anna said...

Are those the songs in order? Did you happen to play a song that goes like "silence is my boyfriend. oh silence, I'm your girl."?

Jennifer Wang said...

hi, that was the new lykke li- wounded rhymes.


will post today's playlist soon. i will be more prompt with these updates. thanks for listening!

Jennifer Wang said...

Lykke Li- Sadness Is A Blessing

sorry, put album title as song title