Have been inexcusably lazy with these...

Radiohead- 2 2=5 (The Lukewarm)
Noisia- Diplodocus
The Octopus Project- Glass Jungle ***New album Hexadecagon
Blonde Redhead- My Plants Are Dead
Yeasayer- Madder Red (Henning Furst Remix) ***Weird auto-tune backup vocals
Chilly Gonzales- Pixel Paxil
Thievery Corporation- Satyam Shivam Sundaram
The Kora Band- Za Ayi Neyi
C'est La Mort- Drown Out ***"Starts out sounding like Pornography-era Cure"
Smoosh- In The Fall
Les Savy Fav - Excess Energies
The Dollyrots- Pour Tour Jours
Land Of The Look Behind- Moonlight Lullaby ***From Jersey City!
Fever Ray- Dry And Dusty
Derek Webb- Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Ben + Vesper - My Father's Eyes***From Orange, NJ
Sufjan Stevens- Bad Communication
Olof Arnalds- Svif Birki
Belle And Sebastian- Read The Blessed Pages
Gold Motel- Make Me Say
Land Of Talk - Goaltime Exposure
Nouvelle Vague- Blue Monday (New Order) ***Yes, not an Orgy original...

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