Stars at Littlefield.
  1. The Night Starts Here.
  2. Soft Revolution.
  3. The Passenger.
  4. We Don't Want Your Body.
  5. Fixed.
  6. Going, Going, Gone.
  7. Look Up.
  8. What the Snowman Learned About Love.
  9. Take Me to the Riot.
  10. I Died So I Could Haunt You.
  11. Wasted Daylight.
  12. The Comeback.
  13. Ageless Beauty.
  14. Heart.
  15. Dead Hearts.
  16. Calendar Girl.
  1. Winter Bones.
  2. This Charming Man.
  3. How Much More.
  4. Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.
  5. Tonight.

1 comment:

Steve Cronin said...

I love Stars. And I love your long ago Nietzsche post. For that, I may subscribe to you. Would like to see more commentary than simple playlist presentation, however.