Abstract: The old is the new new.

Polysics—Digital Coffee
Boy Eats Drum Machine—The Pieces Fit Together and Never Fall Apart
Boy Eats Drum Machine—La La La La LA!
Animal Collective—Doggy
Animal Collective—Lion in a Coma
Aloha—Cold Storage
Aloha—Brace Your Face
Xiu Xiu—This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)
Xiu Xiu—Under Pressure (feat. Michael Gira)
RJD2—Gypsy Caravan
RJD2—The Horror
k-os—Burning Bridges
k-os—Man I Used to Be
Four Tet—Reversing
Four Tet—Hilarious Movie of the '90s (Manitoba Remix)
Primal Static—Walking Shadows
Primal Static—Sunrise
These New Puritans—Canticle
These New Puritans—Doppelganger
Frightened Rabbit—The Loneliness and the Scream
Frightened Rabbit—Old Old Fashioned
Yeasayer—Strange Reunions
Yeasayer—Wait for the Summer
Drink Up Buttercup—Sosey Dosey
Drink Up Buttercup—Heavy Hand
The Apples in Stereo—No One in the World
The Apples in Stereo—Energy
Lay Low—Days Have Been
Lay Low—Beauty
The Ruby Suns—Haunted House
The Ruby Suns—Oh, Mojave
Yukon Blonde—Babies Don't Like Blue Anymore
Yukon Blonde—Free Your Mind
Sambassadeur—Forward Is All
Joanna Newsom—Esme
Joanna Newsom—Only Skin
The Bird and the Bee—Heard It on the Radio
The Bird and the Bee—La La La
She & Him—I'm Gonna Make It Better
She & Him—Change Is Hard
White Hinterland—Thunderbird
White Hinterland—Hung on a Thin Thread
The Weakerthans—Left and Leaving
The Weakerthans—Sun in an Empty Room
The Magnetic Fields—We are Having a Hootenanny
The Magnetic Fields—Please Stop Dancing

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